Minty Mint Strips


Minty Mint Speed Strips

Formulated for fast onset and a mild, yet energetic high. Feel the effects in 10 minutes or less.  Made with sativa dominant THC distillate, our Minty Mint Strips are discrete, energetic and effective.

  • Discreet size and use allows you to escape anytime, anywhere
  • Scored strips make micro dosing easy
  • Refreshing Mint Flavor

10mg THC per serving / 100mg THC per box Net Weight 0.5g

  • Our formulation allows cannabinoids to penetrate the mucosal tissue and enter the bloodstream within minutes.
  • Pure CO2 extraction - never with Butane or other petrochemical solvents.
  • End is gradual – no crash.
  • Onset is smooth, peak effect in 20 minutes. Effective for about 2 hours.

Place strip in between your cheek and gums. The strip will dissolve completely leaving a refreshing mint flavor. Feel the effect in 5-10 minutes. If swallowed, effects will be delayed similar to an edible.

Unlike some other products in the industry who claim fast uptake, we put ours to the test. Over 250 individuals tested our products to identify the formula with the quickest onset.

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Available in Colorado